FEMN FEST 2018 Announces Music, Workshops & More



Today, FEMN FEST Organizers announced the first round of musicians, workshops, vendors, and sponsors for this second year event. 

Year two of the feminist arts and education event proves to be again compellingly filled with up-and-coming artists. The festival seeks to put a spotlight on underrepresented voices, resulting in a diverse lineup of new names and old favorites. 

The FEMN FEST Organizers acknowledge that there are voices that are significantly underrepresented in the art scene, something that Rolling Stone & Brandi Carlisle agreed upon just yesterday (https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-country/brandi-carlile-announces-all-women-festival-talks-lineup-inequality-700716/). These voices are women, women-identifying, genderqueer, and non-binary performers. FEMN FEST aims to change that. 

For the exact reason this festival exists, most names in the FEMN FEST lineup won’t be recognized by the average attendee. The festival is providing a unique exploratory opportunity to discover new talent, experience a wide breadth of genres from a diverse group of musicians, and also expand your unrecognized bias of what is a headliner.

The first (and largest) announcement (to be followed by at least six more), includes 13 performers, 3 workshops, 4 vendors, and a list of noteworthy sponsors. The announced folx include: Venus DeMars, Gender Confetti, Lunch Duchess, The Von Tramps, Good Night Gold Dust, FLOWTUS, Nat Harvie Trio & more. 

By the start-time of the event, the festival will include over 40 acts and 30 vendors. 

The festival takes place September 21 and 22, during the autumnal equinox weekend, in downtown Duluth, at the beloved venue, Sacred Heart Center for Music and Art, and the alleyway/parking lot behind it. 


The public announcement can be viewed here: https://facebook.com/FEMNFEST/videos/2121876528084149/ 

More information can be found at: femnfest.com 

Tickets are available online at ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1662775