New Schedule coming this summer


2017 fest schedule



Gates: 4:00 PM - 11:00 PM

4:30pm Opening Ceremony - Main Stage

4:40pm Oshkii Giizhik Singers - Main Stage

5:30pm Langauge/Sexism Workshop - Main Stage

6:00pm Emily Haavik - Main Stage

7:00pm Open Mic - Main Stage

8:00pm the She Shells - Main Stage

9:00pm Black Diary - Main Stage

10:00pm LASKA Acoustic - Main Stage


Gates: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM

11:00am Mindfulness in the Midst of Misogyny: Self-Care for Women Workshop - Main Stage

12:00pm Dear Rosetta - Main Stage

11:45am Soul Reflect - Outside Stage

12:15pm Language/Sexism Workshop - Outside Stage

12:45pm Design(ing) for Social Justice Workshop - Main Stage

12:45pm Climate Change is a Feminist Issue: Eco-feminist and Indigenous Perspectives

                   on Climate Change and Tar Sands Pipelines Workshop - Courtyard

2:00pm Open Mic - Outside Stage

1:45pm Sing! A Women's Chorus - Main Stage

2:25pm My Naked Self Workshop - Courtyard

3:00pm Beats by Girlz - Outside Stage

3:25pm Beyond the Binary: Embracing Spectrum Identities Workshop - Balcony 

4:00pm Making Waves: A Brief History of Feminist Activism in the Northland Workshop - Courtyard 

4:00pm Christine Hoberg - Outside Stage

4:25pm Pricilla Momah - Main Stage

5:00pm An Intro to Ethical Non-Monogamy Workshop - Courtyard

5:00pm Desdamona - Outside Stage

5:25pm Gag Me With A Spoon - Main Stage

6:00pm LASKA - Outside Stage

7:00pm HALEY - Main Stage

8:00pm Superior Siren - Main Stage

7:30pm Glitter Lung - Outside Stage

9:00pm Venus DeMars - Main Stage

10:00pm Elizabeth Ghandour - Main Stage


Gates: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

11:00am Yoga Workshop - Main Stage

11:00am Missing Peace - Outside Stage

11:55am Open Mic - Outside Stage

12:00pm Hanna Cesario - Main Stage

12:45pm Language/Sexism Workshop - Main Stage

12:55pm Kat Fox - Outside Stage

1:15pm Kristi Marie - Main Stage

1:50pm Secret Badass - Outside Stage

2:00pm Womxn in Art Panel/Workshop - Main Stage

2:45pm Paper Parlor - Outside Stage

3:00pm Adina Burke - Main Stage

3:35pm Lost in Translation: A Journey Through African Diaspora / Doll Making Workshop - Main Stage

3:45pm Niki Becker - Outside Stage

4:00pm TBA - Courtyard

4:35pm Jerree Small - Main Stage


**Times are subject to fluctuations in the next few days as we are adding our final performers**