2017 line up


2017 - the year of the local artists. 

We have great talent here in Minnesota that isn't getting the stage time they deserve. So we're starting here. This first year is a Minnesota focused fest.

YOU are in our lineup:

It is important that we acknowledge that there are voices that are significantly underrepresented in the music scene. We want to provide a space to change that... Daily FEmnFEST will host an open mic. Here is the safe space you've been waiting for.

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How social location defines and allows people to participate in feminism differently. Furthermore, how those identities effect and shape the way in which we practice feminism. What is feminism to you? What does good feminism look like compared to bad feminism? How does your worldview effect the way in which you set those parameters? What sort of steps can you take to be more intersectional in your feminist practice? This is a very basic workshop that will move through a few definitions, but mostly work to create a space where you can self-reflect in an enlightening, educational way. 

Language, everyday sexism, & how to combat

Feminist conciousness united

Design is a form of communication that can speak to a variety of audiences based on the creative concepts used throughout the work. What makes design different from art, is the responsibility of intention that must be effectively executed so that the work is intuitive for each person that interacts with the piece. The message of the work should be clear for the intended audience and created on a platform that is best suited to carry your voice.

During the workshop, we will be exploring the useof poster-making for social justice. We will be looking at the powerful use of imagery, text, and color to create effective communicative work that can often speak louder and longer than traditional verbal communication.

Design(ing) for social justice

Terresa Hardaway, MFA

Mindfulness in the Midst of Misogyny: Self-Care for Women

Rachel Rehbein

Have you ever felt as if the day-to-day sexism you encounter affects your mental health? Rachel Rehbein, psychotherapist and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in the state if Minnesota, will lead workshop attendees through what mysogyny is, how it affects our sense of balance, and basic coping strategies for regaining and maintaining mental health and resilience. A relaxation experience will be included so that attendees can practice relaxation techniques in real time. 



beyond the binary: embracing spectrum identities

Rachel Johnson

This session is geared towards members of the LGBTQIA+ Community, gender non-binary/non-conforming/expansive and genderqueer folx. Allies are welcomed with the recognition that queer+ femme and gender non-binary/expansive/queer/non-conforming voices will be centered in this space. The purpose of this session is to promote the creation of safer performance spaces for artists across sexuality and gender spectrums and dialogue about meaningful ways of centering the LGBTQIA+ community, gender non-binary/non-conforming/expansive and genderqueer folx in artistic spaces, both interpersonally and institutionally. It will also provide a platform for conversations around the intersections of sexuality, sexual expression, gender, and gender expression and artistic expression.

The Twin Ports are home to some of the most ground-breaking and long-lasting feminist organizations in the country.  This workshop will provide a brief history of these organizations, as well as lessons learned on to sustain effective feminist activism, even and especially during these challenging times.

Making waves: History of Feminism in the Twin Ports


This workshop will introduce the ecofeminist paradigm and provide an overview of basic ecofeminist concepts and their application, especially around issues related to climate change. Specifically, we will examine the current local issue of tar sands oil pipelines in this region from both ecofeminist and indigenous perspectives and suggest avenues for action.

Climate change is a feminist issue: ECOFeminism 

Beth Bartlett & Sheila Lamb

Stacy Johnston is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance. Stacy teaches group fitness classes in the Duluth community at various establishments  including Yoga North  and Essentia Health Fitness Center.

Please bring your mats!


Stacy Johnston

A panel of artists, curators, and art historians will discuss the impact of systems of oppression in the field of art and discuss approaches to dismantle those systems.

Featuring: Annie Dugan, Terresa Hardaway, Flo Matamoros, Dr. Jamie Ratliff, and Karissa White

sexism & womxn in the artS panel

sarah brokke erickson & Feminist action collective

My Naked Self is an introductory workshop created by 20% Theatre Company - Twin Cities for anyone interested in exploring their gender identity, sexuality, body/self-image and/or awareness through guided writing exercises, improvisational movement, and encouraged sharing or performance. This workshop is a challenging, inspirational and empowering examination of who others think we are, who we think we are, and the not-so-simple truth: who we are. No theatre or writing experience necessary!

My Naked Self

Nicole Wilder

This is a workshop for all who would like to explore and learn more about love, intimacy, and sex beyond the limits of conventional monogamy. This is a workshop that seeks to provide its attendees with a closer look at the principles and practices of ethically non-monogamous relationships. During our time together we will have honest and safe dialogue about the myths of non-monogamous relationships, explore some of the ways of how people participate in non-monogamous relationships, learn how to maintain successful and fulfilling polyamourous relationships and discuss important practices in these relationships including communication, emotional honesty, and safe sex practices. 

An Introduction to Ethical Non-Monogamy

Diona Johnson

Journey with me in illuminating how mainstream media has taught us to fear the African Diaspora culture, specifically dolls. We will climb over the wall of white supremacy racism and enter into the historical richness of dolls as tools for healing, protection, and cultural sustainability. We will begin our uncovering here in the United States and journey through African Diaspora. Finally, we will sit by the still waters in our mind and create a comparison for healing, liberation, and transformation.

LosT in Translation

Oluwole Oriayo