2018 Line Up


The FEMN FEST organizers acknowledge that there are voices that are significantly underrepresented in the art scene.

Voices who haven't been given the same opportunities to be heard. 

We want to provide a space to change that... 

For that reason, you will find many new names below. 

We're excited to provide the opportunity to experience a wide breadth of genres and topics, from a diverse group of performers and educators. 




Venus DeMars

Amy Abts

Good Night Gold Dust

Jamee Cornelia

The Von Tramps

Lunch Duchess

Adina Burke

Gender Confetti

Hanna Cesario

Mary Bue

Superior Siren

Nat Harvie Trio




Sister Tree


We know there are loads more barriers to getting on stage for non-dominant genders.. so we're giving you an ultra safe zone to dabble in your art. We'd looove if you signed up in advance <- click there

Ingeborg von agassiz 

Mother (Christine Hoberg)

The Duluth Dolls

Tribal Alchemie

Holly Hansen

After Memphis


ARE Poets

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Parenting in the Non-binary: Fostering Resilience and Self-Compassion in Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, and Gender Expansive Children

Facilitated By: Rachel Rehbein, Psychotherapist, MS, NCC, LPC, LPCC

Parenting is difficult enough, but parenting a child who does not conform to typical societal gender norms creates an additional challenge. These children often face more obstacles due to other's expectations, judgement, and lack of understanding. It is incredibly important, particularly during the first 5 years of development, to foster self acceptance and resilience that will lead to the establishment of positive self concept. This presentation will take you through the basics of child development in relation to self concept, and provide solid strategies and advice for building resilience in this special population of children based on both personal and professional experience. 


Intersectional Design

Facilitated By: Terri Moses, She/Her/Hers, MFA

This workshop will explore design research as a way of solving systemic problems for folks with a variety of identities.

Embodied Consent: Reclaiming Yes and No in the Cultures of Sexual Assault, Emotional Labor, and Gender Norms

Facilitated By:Kelsey Kreider Starrs, LICSW, CDWF (she/her) and Maureen Laufenberg 

Our bodies hold incredible wisdom. They inform us of pain and pleasure, instinct and intuition, yes and no. Yet we live in a culture that teaches women from their first breaths to ignore their bodies' signals, override their intuitive guidance, and say yes when their bodies are screaming at them to say no - all in an effort to stay safe in a world where saying no poses social and physical danger. While the cultures of sexual assault, emotional labor, second shifts, and micro/macro aggressions use the "tend/befriend" and "appease" fear responses against us, in this workshop we will learn how to harness the body's signals to work for our liberation. Through deconstructing the cultural narrative, learning about the neuroscience of fear, and embodied experience, will empower participants to be mindful of their yes and no in their bodies and take actions that align with their values, intuition, and freedom.

Ableism in the Feminist Movement: It's totally a thing

Facilitated By: Adina Burke

Addressing and calling out exclusion, providing ideas for more inclusion and overall, spreading awareness with an activist answer.

Kids Knitting: Wrist Bands aka Power Bands

Facilitated By: Kathy Thomas, Yarn Harbor

This workshop is for individuals ages 8 and up: We will learn to knit making these warm, fun little wrist bands.If you already knit you are welcome to join us for a refresher. Supplies will be provided so just come with the desire to learn and Kathy will get you knitting one stitch at a time!

Sexuality and Pleasure Responses

Facilitated By: Rebekah Dunlap BSN, RN, PHN (She, her, hers)

Everyone deserves sex education held in an inclusive group atmosphere by a nonjudgmental educator to support them in understanding, appreciating, and taking responsibility for their sexuality. Enter with an open mind as we journey through the physical aspects of sensuality and sexual reactions. Leave this interactive workshop with enhanced knowledge, resources, and sex-related handmade craft.


Be an Art Amazon-Using the Amazon Spirit to Navigate the Fine Art Scene

Facilitated By: Jillian Dollars

This workshop is a lively real talk session with working visual artists about making room for yourself in the art scene.  Some subjects up for discussion will be how to remove the patriarchy from our experiences in the art world.  Adopting new attitudes about what counts as art and rejecting the hierarchy of fine art forms and old fashioned ideas of what counts as success in the art world.  Asking for and getting paid what you are worth.  Supporting each other and paving the way for each other and sharing knowledge and opportunities.  We’ll be meeting the male gaze with a hard eye roll and a lot of humor.

Smitten Kitten presents: Sex Toys 101

Facilitated By: Archie Bongiovanni (They/Them)

This workshop welcomes Adults of all ages! This workshop is non-explicit but does talk about sex. The Smitten Kitten was the first totally non-toxic, body safe sex toy store! This class will teach you what that means, how to shop for safe sex toys and lubricants, and give a rundown of sex toy materials, types, and uses. You'll learn what sex toy materials are toxic and/or porous, versus what materials are always safe and sterilizable. We'll also discuss the different types of lubricants, their compatibility with sex toys and barrier methods, and how to choose the best lube for you. We'll then share different types of toys, their uses, and how they correspond with pleasure and anatomy.

Becoming Sex Positive

Facilitated By: Courtney Padjen, M.A., She/Her

In this interactive workshop, attendees will be asked to discuss and be encouraged with consent and compassion to share their impressions of sexuality and how to encourage and adapt a more sex positive mindset.  Objective(s): At the end of this workshop, attendees will be able to: discuss the multifaceted history and encoded messages of the “sex is bad/dirty/shameful” narrative and shift to an empowering sex positive narrative.  

An Intro to Burlesque with the Duluth Dolls

Facilitated By: Velvet Noir (She/Her), and Miss Tallulah Creant (She/Her)

Join us for a peek into the Duluth Dolls and the art of tease! Burlesque is a uniquely American performance art form that combines humor, sexuality, politics, and topics of the body in a 3-5 minute dance/theater skit form to music.The goal is to move students from any experience level to an actual kinesthetic experience. This workshop is about learning to build your burlesque attitude; feeling great about your body, and an open discussion about increased confidence and positive thinking. Please come dressed comfortably and be ready to spend an interactive hour in discussion, as an audience member, and if willing, take the chance to experience your inner Doll through a variety of movement exercises to connect the mind and body into a positive-sensual experience.
Plus, a special treat: a behind-the-scenes, intimate performance for attendees!

Satya Yoga: Opening your heart to speak your truth

Facilitated By: Gwen Scherr, MA, 200 hr CYT (she/her)

An accesible yoga sequence that will support opening your heart & revitalizing your spirit. We will end with  restorative relaxation, meditation & breathwork to cultivate our inner listening and awareness to the body’s innate intelligence. By increasing our capacity for sensory awareness, we become more truthful, loving beings to ourselves & loving beings  in the world.

Moon Circle

Celebrate the autumnal equinox with a healing moon circle.

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Cake Bandit

Vaagen's Vegan Sauce

Fond of That

The L Spot

The Juice Pharm

Meadowlake Arts

Love Creamery

The Snooty Fox Tea Shop

Hattie Peterson Jewlry

HeyHi Apparel

North Woods Witch

Heritage Flour Power

Crumb Bake Shoppe

Mic's Cork Creations

Feminist Action Collective

Planned Parenthood


Women’s Health Center


Blackbird Revolt

Smitten Kitten

Organo Gold Coffee

Homegrown Music Festival