2018 Line Up


The FEMN FEST organizers acknowledge that there are voices that are significantly underrepresented in the art scene.

Voices who haven't been given the same opportunities to be heard. 

We want to provide a space to change that... 

For that reason, you will find many new names below. 

We're excited to provide the opportunity to experience a wide breadth of genres and topics, from a diverse group of performers and educators. 

More to come!

Stay tuned for additional announcements




Venus DeMars

Amy Abts

Good Night Gold Dust

Jamee Cornelia

The Von Tramps

Lunch Duchess

Adina Burke

Gender Confetti

Hanna Cesario

Mary Bue

Superior Siren

Nat Harvie Trio


Work Shop Info


Parenting in the Non-binary: Fostering Resilience and Self-Compassion in Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, and Gender Expansive Children

Rachel Rehbein


Design, Research, and Social Justice

Terresa Hardaway, MFA

Embodied Consent: Reclaiming Yes and No in the Cultures of Sexual Assault, Emotional Labor, and Gender Normativity

Maureen Laufenber & Kelsey Kreider Starrs