2017 Recap + Photo Gallery

The sheer emotion of the attendees (not to mention the FEmnFEST Team) predicted we'd be back in 2018. And we will. But while we're preparing for this next go-around, we're reflecting on last year... of which we're very proud. We reached our goals (community involvement, sheer emotion, press, broke even!). Here are a few comments from the team at the end of the event: 


While we finish the final moments of clean-up, and work through the final event wrap-up check list, we are reflecting on what you all did. You came together, filled a room with love and energy, showed your passion and appreciated others. 

The festival organizers thank you: the volunteer, the friend, the vendor, the performer, the educator, the photographer, the writer, the sponsor, the sponsors staffer, the attendee, the supporter. 

We don't know how this event could have been this fulfilling without each of you. 

Parsing through your social media posts is continuing the dreaminess for us, and allowing us to know it wasn't just a dream. We're touched and proud that you felt the same way we did. 




I'm watching LASKA perform (a trio of women) after having just watched Black Diary (another trio)... and a young woman leans over: "I'm having a Wonder Woman moment ... you know how you watched that and realized you subconsciously never thought a woman would have a superhero role? Well, I feel crazy, but this is that for me too." 

We don't even realize this is the way we think. Until moments confront ourselves with our own prejudice. 

Women can rule a stage. Women can be the only members of bands.

Day One has already landed our goal -> If You Can See It. You Can Be It. 

Now let's get a woman in the White House, yeah? 

Thank you for coming / supporting / being. Join us, again, tomorrow and Sunday.


Your #FEMNFEST photos from Instagram: