Are Men Invited?

All people are welcome to attend FEmnFEST

Is the space Accessible? 

The fest is 100% accessible. Sacred Heart can be accessed via ramps, and the parking lots are all paved. 


Can children attend?

Yes! We want to acknowledge the revolutionary work that mothers are doing in raising children, and because we know that childcare is a huge barrier for women to explore education and get involved, we are happy to offer free admission to FEmnFEST for children 12 & under; per paid adult. This is a family friendly festival.


Can I return my ticket?

Tickets are not returnable. 


Can I Transfer my Ticket?

We cannot assist in the transference of tickets. 



How do you pronounce femnfest?

FEM - N Fest. Like "MN"

Transportation to the festival?

Check out this page for more info. 

Will this fest rule?


Where can I Stay?

Our venue is located in downtown Duluth and easily accessible from a variety of lodging options. Check out our favorites via Visit Duluth at the bottom of the Fest Info page.

Are animals allowed? 

Only service animals are allowed at FEmnFEST.

Can people leave/re-enter the festival?